Small Group/Private Language Coaching Sessions, East Bay Area

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center in Richmond, CA recognizes that individuals have different learning styles and needs.  Perhaps the class offerings conflict with personal obligations, such as employment, child care, or other non-negotiable demands. Sometimes a traditional class isn't effective for an aspiring language-learner; many students flourish with increased personal attention or enjoy moving forward at their own pace. Yet other students do better in groups of their peers; nurses, for example, enjoy learning with each other because they can address the issues that are unique to their work. Whatever reason exists for seeking alternative learning venues, Maria Oliveira takes pride in providing varied and flexible approaches to language learning.  Contact Maria to discuss YOUR language learning ideas.

The following language coaching and consulting sessions are available at the Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center in Richmond, CA (East Bay)

One-on-One Language Coaching

We offer private, individualized language coaching sessions for Spanish, Portuguese or English. Meetings can be a one-time-only occasion for review of a particular subject, or they can be a series of tutoring sessions. Rates are $50.00/hour; $30.00/half hour. 

Price: $50.00 for each 60 minutes meeting.


Private Classes & Lessons for Families or Small Groups

These lessons can accommodate any level of language expertise, from beginner to advanced. However, it is recommended that the entire group be at, or near, the same level. 

Two participants: $80.00 per hour.
Three participants: $100.00 per hour.

30 Minute Lesson or Consultation

If you are studying Spanish or Portuguese on your own and need help with grammar or any particular aspect of the language, this is an excellent option. Have your questions ready before your appointment! 

Price: $30.00 for each 30 minute meeting.


Customized Classes

Maria Oliveira will come to your location for special classes designed for your group's needs. Specializing in, but not limited to, Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel, Healthcare Providers, and Social Services Providers, Maria's programs can be adapted to any field or enterprise. More details here.