Spanish Online Courses

Learning how to read, write and speak Spanish is a core skill that is important for a lot of professionals across the country. At the Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, we offer Spanish lessons online. With an Internet connection, you can enroll in our online Spanish and Portuguese language programs and learn at your own pace.

You can choose an online Spanish communication course suited for your specific skill level – from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction and verb conjugation are all included in the communication lessons we offer. We offer books, CDs and other online tools which are easy to use and give you the convenience of learning wherever and whenever you want with an Internet connection.

Our language programs include customized lessons for medical professionals, social workers and for people in the academe who need to learn Spanish. With our language communication programs, you will be set up for success in your job by enriching the skills you have.

It is no longer just for fun and personal enrichment as you meet and interact with a lot of Spanish-speaking people, it has now become pertinent to your effectiveness as a professional, especially in certain industries such as social services and health care to be able to interact in their language.

Enroll in Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center and take online classes to hone your Spanish-Portuguese skills. With the materials we provide, you can practice and test your progress. Practice and repetition will get you to full mastery of the language as you move to complete our language courses.

Our California-based programs will help you increase your competence in your profession. You will be able to use specific Spanish vocabulary and sentence construction and converse in the language with confidence.